10 Best Marketable Degree Courses For Earlier Employment Consideration Soon After Graduation

Going by  the current Kenyan economy,there is need to properly advise students seeking to join universities on the most marketable courses inorder to land into job opportunities.

Students would not wish to graduate from campus and waste their precious time and resources tarmacking for years before fina a stable job.

Infact more than 600,000 graduates are produced from Kenyan Universities into the job market annually.

Therefore this  means that job opportunities are less than the potential labor force in most courses taught in universities. However, some degree courses are highly marketable in Kenya and can therefore be considered by students seeking to join Universityty.

The following are some of the best degree marketable courses.

1. Medicine and Surgery Course 

It takes a  minimum of six years.

It is highly marketable and pays well once individual lands a stable job.

One can open a clinic or hospital as long as you have the skills and are certified. Of You can also seek employment opportunities in the private sector.

At some point, a number of students are even absorbed in the job market before they graduate from medical school.

2. Pharmacy Course 

It is  one of the best courses to study in Kenya since you can get a job without struggling once you graduate.

Most institutions even absorb some sharp students who are yet to graduate from pharmacy school.

Note also that there are many career paths to follow, including community pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, and hospital pharmacy.

3. Law course 

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The course  takes years of study and smartly acquired skills to render quality services in law.

This  career paths that make the law a commercial law include corporate law, criminal law, ICT law, and tax law.

This course aside from being marketable, it also allows you to develop various skills and explore many aspects of human life.

4. Accounting course 

This equips graduates with the right knowledge and skills that make them competent and work under minimal supervision in accounting work.

Graduands can work majorly in banks, schools, and Companies,corporations, and entrepreneurship.

5. Computer Science Course

It is indeed suitable for students with good mathematical skills and innovative skills. Due to the advancement in technology in the current error, computer science graduates are becoming useful in coming up with new ideas.

6. Software Engineering/Web Design Course 

Software developers in the country are in demand due  to the advancement in technology; this is the reason behind the course being highly marketable.

7. Education Science

This is one of the most marketable teaching courses.

The course prepares graduates to teach at the post-primary level of education.

8. Mathematics and Statistics

Demand for data scientists and mathematicians in the country. Statisticians mostly work in research institutions such as colleges and universities.

9. Computer Engineering Course 

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Computer engineers have an exciting career opportunity to create hardware and software solutions for firms. Both the public and private sectors offer job opportunities for graduates. There is the rapid growth of the ICT industry in the country; therefore, more computer engineers are needed to develop new technologies to improve the quality of living. It is important to note that there is a distinguishing difference between computer engineering and computer science. Computer science focuses on solving software-level issues while computer engineering solves problems at the hardware level.

10. Civil Engineering Course

Civil engineering graduates have the advantage of working both in the public and private sectors as they contribute to the rise of Kenya’s economy through construction works.


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