7 types of leaves offered to teachers by TSC

Teacher service commission of Kenya guarantees all teachers with different types of leaves. Every leave is given to a teacher in different occasions .  In this  article we will be discussing various types of leaves and all the guidelines that are used to make each of the leave get approved


1.Аnnuаl Leаve 

This leave is given to a teacher strictly during holidays. A teacher is only entitled to the leave once in a year and must be for 30 days.  This leave should not be accumulated and carried forward to another year. A teacher applying for this must fill a required form will  taken to the sub-county director of education who will approve it. After the approval the same copy must be forwarded to the TSC headquarters. Ensure also keep the records of the same.


2.Mаternity Leаve

A female teacher employed by the Teacher service commission in Kenya has to be given a mandatory 90days maternity leave in a year. This kind of leave does not prevent her from applying for an annual leave. Upon applying for the leave ,the head of institution should  present the form to the TSC headquarters office through the TSC county director of education  one month early before the leave starts. The form being presented must have all the necessary supporting documents.


3.Раternity Leаve

If a man has  his  wife on maternity leave, he can also apply for a paternity leave up to a maximum of 10days. In a Scenario where a male teacher has more than one wife, he or she is  only allowed to apply for a paternity leave  referring to the one whos details are appear in the NHIF card.


4.Cоmраssiоnаte Leаve

In scenarios where the teacher has a sick family member, death of a family member, that compels the teacher to stay away from school, he or she is required to make an application by filling a form of  compassionate leave and  present it to the head of institution to forward it to TSC.


5.Study Leаve

A teacher willing to get a study leave for further study is granted the opportunity to do it according the educational policy provided by TSC. This application must reach the Teacher service commission one month before the start date. During application time, the teacher should remember to attach a copy of the admission letter  from the institution where he or she will be attending for study purpose. 


once the leave is approved and granted to the teacher, he or she should report 30 days before it expires and provide an evidence that will show that the study is on. If the study is to last less than 6 months, the the teacher Must ensure he or she reports back to school for duty allocation. The school head will reports the return of the teacher immediately to TSC.


6.Sрeсiаl Leаve

TSC sometimes gives a teacher a special leave  that the teacher also get paid. The special occasion occurs when a teacher has been selected to attend a conference, a meeting or a seminar in short duration that is relevant to teachers’ duties or national interest. 


The leave can also be without pay  for the officers who are obliged to be away from duties. The application done by the teachers applying for the leave should do it in handwritten and also attaching the necessary documents for approval. upon approval, the teacher is allowed to  move out of school.


7. Sick leave

 The application of this leave must be strictly done and forwarded to the TSC immediately within 2days for the cases of out-patient and 7days for the in-patient cases. The period of this leave can run cumulatively within one year.


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