A lady reveals the number of men she slept with when she was 14yrs old so as to sustain herself, the number will really shock you

Celestine, a 39-year-old woman has confessed that she has slept with over 100 men since she was 14 years old but does not regret doing that.


She learned about engaging in the act with several men after seeing her mother doing the act.




She started going out with men when she was 14 years and claims that she engaged in the act with different men for one year.



Celestine further says that she was forced to do it because she was down financially, so the little she got catered for her upkeep.



Despite doing the dirty acts, Celestine says that she does not regret it, the only thing that is giving her sleepless nights is the fact that she introduced other ladies to the business and also aided in aborting the innocent unborn babies.


Celestine is now married but her previous acts keep haunting her. She says that she has done 4 abortions and was in a serious relationship with 18 men but the affair never worked out because of her character, she now has 2 children.




Celestine says that the reason why she regrets introducing other girls into the act is that 2 of them cannot conceive and all the blame is Celestine. 5 of the girls she introduced to the act were infected with the deadly disease while they were in the business.



Luckily Celestine did not contract the deadly disease despite engaging in the act with more than 100 men.



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