A man loses job money after doing this with boss money,the details will really surprised you . check out

Dramatic scenes ensued in Kiambu town after a man lost his job for allegedly misusing his boss’ money.



According to Taifa leo, the man had been sent by his boss to buy meat which would be their supper. However, instead of buying the meat and taking home what he had been sent, he decided to divert into a club to have fun with his friends.



It is where he squandered all the money to buy liquor for his friends and for himself until he was totally drunk.



On his return home, he found himself in hot soup as his boss could not tolerate his nonsense. The boss gave him a hot thundering slap before he fired him.


“Mwangalie mshenzi. Yaani nilikutuma nyama ukaenda kunywa pombe. Kama wazazi wako wajakufunza adabu leo hii nitakufunza.” Which loosely translates to “Look at this fool. You mean I sent you to buy meat but you decided to use the money I gave you to buy liquor. If your parents never taught you manners then today I’ll teach you.” The boss roared angrily.



The boss gave the man a thorough beating before telling him to leave his compound. This made the man break to tears as he had lost what used to earn him his fortunes.



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