A sigh of relief to civil Servants as they receive a salary increment of 12 percent

Civil servants have all reason to smile after an agreement reached yesterday between the leaders of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission and the Civil Servants Trade Union (CSTU) to increase their wages by an average of 12 per cent with effect from July 1.



The agreement reached on Wednesday ends weeks of talks between the two groups.

COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli confirmed the development in an interview on Wednesday.



Atwoli said that though government employees were on an average looking for a 15 per cent pay hike, they were impressed by the 12 per cent offered by their employers.



“We are impressed with the outcome of the talks and would like to ask all civil servants to work hard so that we can take the country to the next level,” Attouli said.


During Wednesday’s meeting, the SRC was represented by the Principal Secretary, Human Resource and Development Department, while the COTU leaders were accompanied by representatives of the teachers’ union.

Government spokesman Cyrus Oguna referred us to the Deputy Minister of Labor who was not immediately available for comment.


In the national budget presentation for 2021/22, Finance Minister ukur yatan did not explicitly talk about wage increases for civil servants.

He only said that the salary and salary bill was estimated at 22 per cent of the total budget.



“Wages and salaries are estimated at Sh. 436.3 billion, representing 4.2 percent of the rebased GDP [Gross Domestic Product]. This includes an amount of Sh. 20.3 billion which is earmarked for wage rationalization and recruitment, “




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