A student who scored 401 mark in KCPE 2020 shocks many as she goes back to school

As admission to Form One is set to begin next week, a student from Bungoma who  scored  401 marks in the 2020 KCPE examinations is bound to repeat class eight after she missed out to be among the students selected to benefit from county scholarship program under unclear circumstances.


The fate of Diana Nyokabi, who was among the top KCPE performers in last year’s exam at Bungoma D.E.B Primary School remain unclear. Diana Nyokabi was selected to join Moi Girls High school – Eldoret.


Due to problems that her parents had of raising ksh 53,554 – the amount fee required  to join the school, she was  forced to go back to her former school to repeat in standard 8.



Nyokabi reported back to school today to resume her normal studies. Her mother said that she has been selling groceries for quite a long time which enabled her to vet some small cash to educate her young lady to help her achieve her goals. She added that more hopes are on Nyokabi to assist her back later once she completes studies.


Nyokabi said he now fears his dream of attending the secondary school of his dreams will be hindered after she missed out on the county scholarship program.


Nyokabi at first was selected to benefit from  county scholarship which made her happy but shockingly later she realised that her name missed in the final list of students who are going to be awarded the scholarship.


After this shocking news, Nyokabi’s dreams of becoming a lawyer is in danger and she is appealing for any well wisher to come in and rescue her dream by helping her join form one and  continue with her studies.


Tobias Khisa, the headmaster of Bangoma D.E.B Primary School, said that he took the girl back with much shock and said that her condition could demoralize many learners at the school.



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