*A teacher has sparkled many in social media as he writes a letter to president Uhuru issuing the following demands. checkout the attached letter below*


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Zeth Matara argued that TSC had failed in its mandate, adding that it has been a disservice to the teaching fraternity in the country.

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Matara: TSC has been a disservice to teachers



In a lengthy letter to Uhuru, Matara categorically stated that TSC needed an overhaul for the benefit of its employees, touting himself as the best fit to head the agency.


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He argued that the body currently under the stewardship of Nancy Macharia had failed to address the issue of unemployment among trained teachers who are yet to be enlisted in the agency’s directory even after years of completing their due training.



“Am a Kenyan and trained teacher. I am writing this to you Mr President requesting you to appoint me as TSC commissioner since I have seen and experienced what classroom teachers are going through on the ground,” he wrote.



He argued that many of his colleagues were not getting the value for the resources they invested in their education.



No jobs for teachers


According to him, a lot of teachers have resorted to menial assignments due to lack of employment even with their proper training.


“They used a lot of resources for training. Some of them sold their only land to pay for their fees. They are now languishing in abject poverty,” said Matara in his letter.


Further, Matara observed that for a long time, teachers have been underpaid despite the enormous sacrifices they make.


Going by the “peanuts” teachers receive as salary, Matara suggested that the profession was being belittled.


Unnecessary delocalisation, contentious TPD issue


If given a chance to be at the helm of TSC, he pledged to sanction a considerable kitty to reward teachers owing to their work.


“I will request for allocation of enough budget to increase the salaries of teachers from peanuts. Mr President imagine a primary school teacher earning KSh 26,000 only and he goes to school everyday day, from 7 am to 5 pm,” said Matara.


“I will ensure through allocation of enough funds I will employ all trained teacher for the period of up to 9 years,” he wrote.


Matara also noted that teachers had been inconvenienced by transfers that have seen them move away from their families.


According to the teacher, many families have broken due to the distance occasioned by delocalisation, adding that his colleagues do not have time for their families as they are required to undertake the Teacher Professional Department (TPD) program during the school holidays.


“I will abolish delocalisation since it has led to the breaking of many families. Mr President, teachers are suffering. For instance, you teach in Kisumu with your family then you are transferred to Garrisa. When will you get to rear your family? During holidays, instead of going home, you are expected to go for TPD,” he said.


“I will suspend TPD since it’s affecting teachers who are not employed because they have to dig into their pockets to pay KSh 10,000 every year for TPD. Mr President please have mercy on teachers,” he added.


He also proposed the immediate employment of teachers who have graduated from their respective institutions.

Matara pitied his colleagues who had to tarmac after completing their training.


“I will then open colleges only to admit trainees based on the demand Mr President. Those graduating will be employed immediately. We have many families and who sold everything to school their sons and daughters,” he said.

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