* Affirmed! All teachers to enjoy December holiday without TPD burden following todays’ court regarding TPD modules*

Over 300,000 TSC employed teachers have breathed a sigh of relief after the labour law court put on hold the Teacher Professional Development(TPD), a vocational that was to commence this December.


In a landmark ruling read on Friday,the judges pointed out that the intended programmeis not valid since there is no regulationby TSCon the said programme.”The teachersvprofessional development will not be implemented becausecthey fall shortcof the professional development programs prescribed by the TSC” read part of the judgement.


TPD programme is to be determined by regulation. The disputedprogramme is not issuedthrougha regulationon parliamentarysafeguards,said Labour court Judge Brain Ongaya.


However,as expected the ruling was not welcomedby the TSC. The teachers’ employer body’s attorney Timon Oucho vowed to appeal as he cited mistakes in the labour court ruling. “We are considering the decision and we are highlighting areas where the judgemade fundamental mistakesin law and facts.


We will immediately move the matter to court,Oyuchosaid. Reacting to the good news Abdirizak Hussein Garissa Branch KNUT Secretary said it was step in the right direction since the TSC hadn’t consulted anybody. “where on earth did they stalk public participation, the courtrulingis a manifestation of the government unpreparedness in implementing the CBC said Hussein.


He said the TPD was given without advicefrom any other party. “This means teachers are unprepared, said Hussein.


The judgement comesat a time when the TSC had threatened teachers planning not to follow TPD that they risk losingtheirjobs.”At leastteacherscan breathe a sigh of relieve and smile for miles because the program was too expensiveand they were to do it from own pockets,” sighed Hussein. “given the tough economic conditions and the meagre salaries it was a mission impossible, anonymous teacher in Garissa said.


Although the TSC ChiefDr. Nancy Macharia thought the TPD would be beneficialto teachers as it would continually update their skills and make them relevant in the teaching field the labour has thought otherwise.


ultimately the court has heard our call by temporarily suspending the TPD as we await for the appeal at least this December will not be in TPD track suit,’said a teacher in Tana. However another teacher said the judgement is like a seesaw.


He cited the time when the Nakuru high court allowed the TPD to go on as the hearing went on. “We are waiting for the one that will have the last laugh,but am sure to enjoy the December holiday without TPD burden” went on the teacher.


An education consultant joseph Karanja sued the TSC, KUPPET, KNUT , Kenyatta university , Mt Kenya university, Riara university and Kenya Education management institute over the TPD programme.


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