Affirmed! It’s Good News To P1 Unemployed Teachers following today TSC announcements

Teachers across this country are now happy as the Teachers Service Commission breaks silence on the fate of P1 teachers in this country.




The ministry of education education is currently rushing against the clock to ensure that the new education system known as Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) has been put in place as scheduled by the education stakeholders.



Also the ministry of education is now working hard to ensure that the secondary schools have accommodated the great number of the students who are expected to join in form one following the 100% transition which is going to take place.



However the teachers are now happy as Teachers Service Commission breaks silence on the fate of P1 teachers.



According to the reliable sources, the Teachers Service Commission will deploy 36,341 teachers who who have acquired higher qualifications to teach at lower secondary schools to meet the staffing needs following the roll-out of new curriculum.





Therefore P1 teachers who hold Diplomas, higher Diplomas, undergraduate Degrees, Post graduate Diplomas, Masters and PHDs will be deployed in the junior secondary schools.




So the P1 teachers who hold P1 Certificates will be employed in Primary Schools. This is good news to teachers, especially the unemployed P1 teachers who hold P1 certificates in this country.

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