Affirmed! Teachers to face unplanned deductions from their salaries in the subsequent months. Check out the category exempted and the reasons behind

The teaching profession is still undergoing several transitions, as the employer, TSC, is dealing with some of the pertinent issues that could further streamline the commission’s mandate.


The TSC employees, mostly teachers, have been enjoying the teaching profession in a manner that could be described as more self-driven, encouraging and God’s calling, but the recent adjustments are making the same tutors rethink otherwise, as they try to examine where the rain started beating their enjoyable profession.




According to the latest reports from the TSC Director, State Department of Internal Audit, Mr Isaac K. Ng’ang’a, the commission is under raging loss of public funds through the ‘ghost’ teachers, who have been pocketing the subtle cash in a manner that they could not provide the evidence of the same.


According to Mr Ng’ang’a, some teachers could not explain the method they used to get promoted from one cadre to another without the knowledge of the commission’s relevant departments.


The news attracted the attention of Ms Rita Wahome, the Director – State Department of Staffing, and her intervention claimed that the teachers in question are already under scrutiny by the selected officials from her department, and some of them are already on track by the TSC’s commission of enquiry, and could face unplanned deductions from their salaries in the subsequent months.


Ms Wahome (above) further expounded that, likewise, those teachers who use unlawful ways to get promotions, transfers, and do not follow up to get the letters of appointments and transfers respectively, are mostly the affected sample, and she boldly stated that their salaries risk to be deducted harshly to recover the stolen funds, something that might make some teachers receive little or no salaries for a greater period of time.


Therefore teachers whose payslips still reads some anomalies are directed to present their issues to the nearest Sub-County TSC offices for immediate rectification of their personal and employment details so that they do not suffer a great deal in the said plans by the commission.


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