After teachers stopped their monthly union deductions on payslips, here are the expected outcomes for them

The teachers unions have been working hard to woo the teachers to join them right from the grassroots.The branch officials have had hard times convincing the teachers to join the unions.



Knut through its  officials from the grassroots have at times been walking to schools in order to convince the teachers to go back to the union.However,the teachers have been so reluctant in joining the unions.




The recently signed CBA between the teachers unions and TSC has left teachers feeling unhappy with the unions.The teachers have been wondering why the unions have to agree to a non monetary CBA for the next four years.


However,they are optimistic that SRC will soften its stand in 2023 as said by the Chairperson Lyn Mengich.


August salaries have seen teachers cry with the those from Kilifi county threaten to sue Kuppet for unexplained deductions.


All primary schools teachers were deducted knut dues depending on how much they earn. This is what  happened to their counterparts in secondary schools teachers who are in KUPPET union.



TSC having heard the teachers cry decided to make it optional for the teachers to leave the union through their payslips.It is believed that many teachers have already stopped the deductions by now.



As these teachers opt out of the unions,let them know that in case of anything that requires union’s intervention,they will be left out.Knut and Kuppet have always stood by the sides of teachers who have had different cases with TSC such as interdictions.


For instance,some head teachers were interdicted two years ago for failing to attend the CBC holiday trainings.After Knut put up a spirited fight,they were reinstated back.



As much as some of the teachers are leaving,they may want the unions to fight for them.Now that Knut is working towards mutual relationship with TSC,many good things are likely to happen to teachers in future.



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