All civil Servants can smile after todays news, check out the reasons below

Kenya,getting permanent jobs are very difficult.This is because the jobs that are there are not enough for the graduates.




The number of graduates are more than the jobs that get advertised.This is why every job advert receives a huge number of applications of desperate Kenyans.




The civil servants recently missed their much awaited CBA.The Salaries Remuneration Commission dashed their hopes in the last minute together with the teachers citing the rippling effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.




This has been a setback to many who will have to wait for the next two years before going back to the negotiations for a new CBA.



As a way of not demoralising these essential Government employees,the People Daily and Citizen Digital News have established that the civil servants have received an improved insurance deal.



The deal is from the National Hospital Insurance Cover that will see their previous benefit margin get improved depending on their salary margins.the cover,a state officer will have a spouse and five children covered.He will also enjoy dental,optical and maternity services.




This cover will also see some highest earners enjoy up to Ksh 2.5 million in NHIF services.The civil servants together with NYS employees have not had an improved Medical Cover.



They have been crying of being left out in the Covid-19 expenses just like teachers in TSC.Last year, pressure piled on Treasury CS Yattani to make this a reality by funding the NHIF body for such expenses.



It is expected that they will begin enjoying these new improved insurance covers immediately.In deed its a good Monday for these workers.



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