All first years university and college students to receive their HELB loans on this date as the following category of students are set to miss out the allocation

It has been finally clear by the Higher Education Boards to the newly admitted first years in various universities that they are going to receive their first disbursement of student HELB loans in October.



Charles Ringera who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Higher Education Loans Boards (HELB) said that 10,000 Government sponsored students have already received their first HELB loan disbursement.



He made it clear that the remaining lot will receive their loans by mid-october. Ringera said to reporters on phone that applicants will receive their allocation for the first time by October and this is meant to help them to pay the fees for their first semester.



CEO Ringera added that the funds have come at a good time when the Covid-19 pandemic have already dismantled and disrupted the economic stability and general status of the majority of households. The funds are purposely meant to pay for the student tuition fees.



According to the analysis and records of the Higher Educational Loans Board (HELB), 60% of the students who had qualified to proceed to the University level this year have sought for financial assistance from the  Higher Educational Loans Board (HELB) through applications in order to be able to survive and stay at their various universities.



From this records, you can find out through calculations that the HELB board received an average of 85,000 applicants seeking for its financial support in their education at their various universities.



The CEO said to the media that they receive 200 applicants averagely in each day seeking for the financial support from HELB, he also added that their is an a possibility of the number of applicants seeking for the financial support from HELB to keep on increasing as they reach the deadline of the application process.





Some Students Set To Miss HELB loans

The HELB CEO said that the HELB board will not be able to fund all the students seeking for their support because of their current budget which stands at  Ksh.3.2 billion.


Therefore only 75,000 students will be supported by the Higher Educational Loans Board (HELB).


Out of the 142,540 candidates who qualified to proceed to the university level, only 128,073 students were allowed to pursue degree courses under the government sponsorship.



This in subsequently means that a total of 63,073 students were automatically set to miss out the HELB loans.


Successful applicants are going to be given a total amount of Ksh.37,000 which shows a downward deviation from the previously awarded amount which was Ksh.45,000.


Ringera explained that their has been a negative deviation on the amonts allocated due to the subsequent negative deviation of their budget by Ksh.1  billion from Ksh.16.8 billion in the previous year to a total of Ksh.15.8 billion.



First- year Students To Various Campuses.

Kenyatta University –  6,733

Maseno University  –  6,659

JKUAT                        –  6,529

UON                          – 6,407

MKU                          – 5,489

Moi University        – 5,187

Egerton  University  – 4,039    (All Under Government Sponsorship Programme.)



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