*All P1 teachers in jubilation moods the government declares them ‘Hotcakes’, checkout more details below*


Teachers with P1 certificate are 100 percent flooded courtesy of numerous colleges offering the course and its previous marketability.


But this could soon change as the competency based curriculum ventures advanced stage. This is because, according to CBC, secondary schools will be categorized into two.


The junior and senior category. And as per the proposals, junior secondary schools are to be in primary schools.



Therefore, there could be an increased workload implying need for more labour. Infact, should the government resort to building the said classes in primary, it would mean another cadre of teaching created, hence fresh P1 teachers almost the same number as those in service will be hired.


This will be good news to Kenyans with P1 certificate who have been waiting for employment so many years since graduating from various colleges.


The decision to build junior secondary schools in primary institutions will further make tutors holding P1 certificate hot cake in teaching field as the demand will be high both in public and private schools.




As matter of fact days when people were graduating with posting letters could be be back again

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