All P1 Teachers should note the following so as to be safe, says the Ministry of education

The rush to ensure implementation of the new CBC curriculum is on course with the goverment putting up all necessary preparations for the implementation process.



The 2023 academic calendar is going to be a mixture of Curriculums in secondary schools.It will witness the entrance of the new curriculum in secondary schools and at the same time the continuity of the old curriculum.



The Government has decided to train the teachers in all the aspects of the curriculum.



The teachers have been going to CBC holiday trainings however short the holidays are especially these days due to Covid-19 pandemic that has fixed the academic calendar.



The new plan by the government to re-train the teachers in ECDE and primary schools for the new Diploma Upgrade is still eliciting mixed reactions in the country.



The Ministry of Education has already advertised the first intake which will see the teachers who are yet to be employed go for the trainings.




The Government has now released the application form which contains the basic details of the teachers needed.



Surprisingly,the teachers who will be filling the forms mostly primary teachers with P1 certification must do so before the Education officers.Under normal circumstances,the teachers just fill the forms on their own and submit them to the offices.



This change is raising eyebrows on whether the ministry doubts the teachers’ qualifications or not.The instruction about this is contained in the form below:


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