*All teachers to smile to the bank as court orders KUPPET to pay them union dues by this date. Check out the amount they will pocket*


Teachers employed by teachers Service Commission on behalf of government are entitled to join unions of their choice.


Those in primary schools belong to Kenya national union of teachers (KNUT) while those in Secondary schools and technical institutions belong to Kenya union of post primary education teachers (KUPPET).


Nevertheless, some 3500 teachers who teach in middle level colleges were moved to public service Commission from TSC.



According to the affected teachers, the effect of that move was for them to be removed from KUPPET roll of membership as soon as possible.


However, this never happened as KUPPET continued to receive the union dues until a court intervened.


For three years, the union has been receiving membership dues and agency fee from the said members which is to the tune of Ksh 90 million.


The court has now ordered KUPPET to refund the money to the affected teachers without failure.


This will be good Christmas gift to tutors in technical institutions who felt disenfranchised in KUPPET.



Efforts to form their own unions after being transferred from TSC to PSC haven’t been fruitful after the registrar of trade unions declined their request mid this year.


KUPPET is facing a lot of resistance even from other members who feel that the national excutive is dining with TSC as they suffer under autocratic policies being pursued by the commission.

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