Another blow to teachers as they experience Double deduction from already tiny payslip

Teachers are in two medical schemes . They get government medical cover from NHIF and AON Minet Company. For some time, teachers have bitterly complained about their salaries being subjected to double deductions for similar services


On the other hand, they are crying about the poor services provided to them by Aon Minet. Some hospitals will turn teachers away for not accepting Aon’s services.


Martha Omolo, the leader of the new teacher pressure group, complained a few days ago about medical insurance cover for teachers.


However, this did not go down well with TSC, who decided to relocate him from Nairobi County to Trans Nazoia County. This is in addition to the pressure to stop TPD module training.

Today, teachers have woken up to disappointing news about their medical cover.


According to Daily Nation which has established that Cover is passing through a period of corruption, inefficiency and bureaucracy.

Teachers are now demanding a change in the scheme. The news is highlighted at the bottom of the page of the newspaper below.

TSC needs to reinstate the problem forever as it has been a perennial issue.

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