Another Giant school closed indefinitely

After Bunyore Girls students boycotted classes and threatened to burn facilities, the school administration was forced the institution to close on Monday evening.



Hellen Nyang’au, County Director of Education, acknowledged the decision to close the school, citing escalating dissatisfaction at the Vihiga County-based national school.



The girls are scheduled to leave school on Tuesday latest Wednesday. On Monday evening, parents were advised of the decision to send their children home.



According to a text message obtained by our media team, students threatened to burn down the school.



Parents were then urged to send fare “as soon as now” for their children to return home.



“Dear parents, good evening. I’m sorry to inform you that the girls will be returning home tomorrow (Tuesday) due to unrest.



“Our girls planned to set fire to the school.” Please arrange for a fare to be sent as soon as possible.”



Bunyore is the third school in Vihiga County to close due to unrest, following Chavakali and Senende.



Students in Chavakali and Senende set fire to their dormitories and vandalized property.


This led to the closure of Chavakali Boys in Vihiga County on Wednesday after students went on a rampage and vandalized property on Tuesday night.



According to the school’s principal, John Kuira, the institution was obliged to send all of the boys home when they became disruptive and damaged windows.



This comes just four days after a dormitory block at the national school was razed amid rising protests in secondary schools around the country.



He stated that administrators were surprised when the boys were disruptive throughout the night after the guiding and counselling sessions.



On Tuesday, the government caved in to pressure from principals and announced a half-term holiday from November 19 to November 23 to accommodate exhausted learners.



This comes on the heels of a surge of unrest in schools across the country.



On Sunday, Keveye students went on a rampage to protest their administration’s instability and harshness.



The girls damaged the administration building’s windows and requested to be allowed to go home.



They reported that a stranger enters their dormitories at night, exposing them to risks while at school.


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