Another setback to all teacher’s who expected salary increment this month as TSC announces the following

Addressing the press on Sunday, November 21, the CS urged Kenyans to ensure that they are fully vaccinated before December 21 after which they would be locked out of government services.





The CS also noted that teenagers above the age of 12 years would be inoculated against Covid-19 from November 23, 2021.





He further noted that the country was enjoying low infections largely because of the measures that the state put in place to curb its spread.





Among services to be affected include education and those offered by the Kenya Revenue Authority and Kenya Ports Authority.





Everybody seeking in-person government services should be fully vaccinated and proof of vaccination availed by December 21, 2021.





“Such services will include but not limited to: KRA services, Education, Immigration services, Hospital and Prison visitation, NTSA and port services among others,” he stated.


Teachers Service Commission has announced that the implementation of 2021-2025 has reached its final stage. Teachers should expect pay changes next month. In CBA, primary school teachers are most preferred as compared to other group of teachers.





According to the CEO of Teachers Service Commission, the salary of primary school teacher will be in the list of Sh. 27000. Change cut in all teachers but teachers of primary class have been awarded salary increment of 6000.





The commission says it supported primary school teachers because they are the most affected group who receive low wages. The change is immediate and teachers will be smiling at the bank at the end of next month with an increase in their pay.


TSC’s move has been appreciated by all employed primary school teachers, who say that life had become unbearable with little salary. They say that with the increase in salary, they will be able to get basic necessities which will improve their standard of living.


In my own opinion TSC may  fail to add salary to teachers who haven’t received the covid jab following the latest announcement from cs Kagwe.


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