*Approved TSC Salary Scale, Basic Salary, Allowances For Teachers in Grade C1, ( Job Group J) After TSC changes*

The salary and other allowances paid to teachers recruited by the Teachers Service Commission TSC-Kenya varies depending on a wide range of factors.


Factors that affect the salary paid to TSC teachers encompass:


academic qualifications,

work experience,

location of the teachers’ work stations/ schools

This article seeks to give sufficient information on how TSC remunerates teachers posted to secondary schools at grade C1 Former Job Group J.


Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Secondary Teacher III is a Secondary school teacher in grade C1 (formerly job group J).


Of important to note is that Grade C1 is an entry grade for secondary school teachers who are holders of Diploma in Education.



This job group has five notches. Both commuter and house allowances are equal in all the s=five notches.


Basic salary varies from one notch to another.Teacher in the first notch earns a basic salary of kshs 27,195 while the teacher in the sixth notch takes home a basic salary of kshs 33,994.The amount a teacher in the grade B5 receives depends on three factors;




Physical location of the school – A school that is located in an area mapped as municipal zone will get more commuter and house allowance. Similarly school that is located in an area mapped as hardship areas will get hardship allowance. A teacher in grade B5 will get a monthly hardship allowance of kshs 8,200.


Notch (SALARY POINTS) There are six notches. Each notch has different basic salary. The salary increases from the first notch to the highest notch(fifth).


Physical Disability: This is another factor that contributes to the amount a teacher takes home. In tis job group a teacher who is physically challenged is entitled to a disability guide allowance of ksh 20,000 per month.Salaries for primary school teacher 1 working in Nairobi.


The tables below show the salary scales for secondary school teacher III


Table 1: Salaries for secondary school teacher III working in Nairobi.


Table 2: Salaries for secondary school teacher III working in former major municipalities (Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Nyeri, Eldoret, Thika, Kisii, Malindi and Kitale)


Table 3: Salaries for secondary school teacher III working in other former municipalities

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