Are you a Biology and Home Science Teacher? this is what is likely to happen to you.TSC makes this major announcement, Here are the new subjects you will be teaching

The Government is determined to make the students acquire the new expected skills in the new Education system.




The system is seen as a game changer in the lives of many students who have always been wasted by the outgoing 8.4.4 system.





The trainings of teachers have topped the Government’s priority.This is alongside the bitting shortages of the classrooms and the teachers.




The Government wants to see all the teachers become coversant with the dynamics of the new system.In order to achieve this,it has planned a series of traininings for teachers.




The yet to be employed ECDE and primary school teachers are submitting their applications for the new Diploma upgrade training.




TSC has given its advisory opinion regarding the junior secondary school in 2023.In its recommendation on the Health Education,the teachers of Biology and Home Science will be retooled to teach this key subject in the schools from 2023.




Meanwhile,the optional subjects will see the students chose a variety of languages and Arts.This now means that the Biology and Home Science teachers must be trained soon.




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