Avoid Absenteeism and evade these consequences, TSC roars stern warning to every teacher

The education system in Kenya has been commendable from the time the just concluded CBA was enacted into implementation by TSC.



The teaching and learning activities in schools has been improving drastically, all the way from the daily work execution rate per allocated period of each lesson.



The close monitoring of school activities by relevant bodies from the ministry of education and the foreseeable credibility of the national exams that has been going on in the last four years due to the strictiness in the way exams have been administered.




Furthermore, as far as teachers’ professionalism is concerned, every teacher is entitled to mandatory knowhow and awareness over what is expected of them in every school learning environment, during recruitment, and they are to be vigilant over the TSC’s code of conducts and professionalism when they happen to be selected and arbsobed into the teaching profession.



They are to take the initiative of understanding the TSC’s regulations in teaching and learning, so that they don’t become vulnerable to misconducts and hence interdiction or sacking.



According to the latest TSC’s constitution on the consequences accompanied by absenteeism from school without permission, the consecutive fourteen-day period the teacher missed school were being counted from the day the teacher did not physically appear in school upto the fourteenth day.



With this, some teachers could stay away doing their business, but later reappear in school on the thirteenth day, which erases the counting process of the days the teacher illegally kept away from school on weekdays.



However, such teachers’ personal interests might be on the lockdown with the current introduction of lessons attendance registers which are always updated everyday by class secretaries, with the exact time the teacher enters the classroom, and also the time he/she leaves.




With details already captured by the students, the minutes the teacher loses by either attending the lesson late or leaving the class before time have been given a priority by TSC.




Such ignored time is nowadays culculated by the deputy headteachers, and then the information stored by the SubCounty director of education.



The day the accumulated munutes will ever add up to the 14 day period, then the affected teacher will face full consequences from the TSC’s code of conducts and professionalism.




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