Big blow to teachers as their payslips are set to be affected further

The teachers in the country have for along time demanded for salary increments.This in most cases has resulted into series of strikes that would always see the employer bow to pressure and finally call the union officials for the signing of a return to work formula.



The former union officials had been giving the Commission some sleepless nights about this.



The teachers are staring at hard financial times ahead once more.Recently,the teachers had their salaries deducted to pay the urgency fees for those who were not in any union.They became bitter with the unions for having accepted the non- monetary CBA.




The teachers slips are set to grow thinner again besides the urgency fees deduction.The Commission has rolled out the TPD modules trainings that will be made public to teachers especially on the commencement dates.



Before the trainings,the teachers will be required to pay Ksh 6000 per module.If things remain constant until the end of the 6 modules,teachers will part with at least Ksh 36,000.



This is apart from the other requirements such asaccommodation,transport,meals and for print materials.The fee is likely to be paid directly by teachers through the check off system.



This means that the slips may be affected further as TSC will deduct this money directly.Even if not through check off, their salaries will be greatly affected.This some setback to teachers.



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