Big Joy to all University students after today morning abolishment

Parliament’s committee on education has made a push for higher education credit reform, proposing that the age limit for applicants be abolished.


The committee accused Education PS, Julius Jawan and HELB CEO Charles Ringer, of preventing qualified students from pursuing higher education over the HELB age limit.


Homa Bay MP Peter Kaluma said that many learners who have not attained the age of 18 have been denied the opportunity to join the university due to lack of national identity cards or Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) pin numbers .


So many students have not yet taken their place in the university and that is because they are underage. Not because he didn’t perform. Helb is depriving students of their right to education just because of age; They said.


Ngunjiri Wambugu, MP from Nyeri Town, said: “You’re using this as an excuse to keep students out. The whole idea of ​​this loan is to make it easier for students to go to university, but it’s starting to look like the loan is keeping it up.” They are tough he said.


However, CEO Charles Ringera said budget constraints are the biggest hurdle in this area. He added that the portal is always open for young people to apply. “We are now helping parents. Working towards signing in. On the part of the students is not yet of age” Ringera said.


Underage students from 2016-2020

2016:3500 students

2017: 3,300 students

2018: 2,900 students

2019: 2,500 students

2020: 2,200 students


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