Big shocker for trainee teachers as TSC insists on new teaching requirements

 Key point

The commission says that mathematics as a subject is a mandatory requirement for a student joining a degree or diploma teaching program.


Teachers Service Commission is Constitutionally Mandated to register, hire, promote and transfer teachers who offer basic education.

In a bid to improve the quality of teaching, the Commission has in the recent past introduced varous measures ranging from trainings to entry criteria of those willing to be teachers.


In one such a move, the Commission has already done away with p1 certificate in favour of diploma.


For this reason, all students who would wish to be teachers in either primary or Secondary must do at least a diploma in education.

For one to pursue a diploma in education primary option, he or she must score a minimum mean grade of C besides having C in mathematics.


For Secondary option, one must have a mean grade of C+, and a C in mathematics and English and a C+ in the teaching subjects.


Because of the high entry behavior required by these courses, Kenyan universities and colleges central placement board Service (KUCCPS) had promised changes that would have made it easier for students to be admitted.


For instance, the board together with universities had Proposed the removal of mathematics as a compulsory subject for students joining the education courses.

However, TSC has come out guns blazing saying mathematics must be compulsory because teachers need it during assesment and evaluation of learners.


TSC quality control assurance and Standards Officer Dr Reuben Nthamburi said yesterday that mathematics is critical in competency based curriculum.


“We are saying that teachers even at diploma level must have mathematics because under the CBC, there is a unit called measuring and evaluation and assesment in methodologies”, he told the KUCCPS.


He however urged for further consultations with more Stakeholders before a decision is made.


The position by TSC will be big blow to the upcoming teachers who perfomed poorly in mathematics but want to be teachers of humanities.


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