*Blow to jobless Teachers and other civil servants after today’s government announcement*

The government of Kenya Kenya employs citizens in various offices who work until they reach their retirement age.

For instance, the Teachers Service Commission employees retire at a fixed age of 60 years.



After retirement, Teachers have freedom to join other businesses. Teachers can decide to be self employed through business or other things. Kenya has a large number of unemployed people.


Most of them are well educated and have no jobs, some have opted to be self employed whereas others are seeking jobs.

Unemployed Teachers and other citizens recieve bad news from the government. The bad news is that the government is planning to bring back retirees.

Citizens who have been working under payroll, and were under permanent and pensionable terms are likely to be brought back to work.


This is sad news to jobless Teachers and other civil servants since they will have to wait longer inorder to get employed by the government.

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