Blow to parents following todays’ government announcement




With the increased incidents of unprecedented school fires ,the government has  issued a stern warning to students involved in the acts of arson.



Speaking in a press briefing on Wednesday, November 10, Education Principal Secretary for the State Department for University Education and Research, Ambassador Simon Nabukwesi, stated that students behind the fire incidents will not be considered during universities and colleges


The PS further stated that they were working with various security agencies to ensure that the culprits are brought to book .




“In the case, it is put on record by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) that a student participated in school fires, if it’s about opportunities, they should not get the opportunities to join the university because they can continue with their indiscipline and this will cost us a lot,” Nabukwesi stated.






The PS also urged students not to engage in  indiscipline cases, warning that their actions would have adverse effects on their prosperity  in future.




“Anybody who participates in the burning of schools is someone who is cursed. Such a person cannot benefit society no matter how much they are learned,” he cautioned.


The statement by the PS comes after several directives have been issued by the government in relation to the fire incidents.



On November 8, Education Cabinet Secretary, George Magoha, revealed that the government would not allow students responsible for the fires to transfer to public schools.


“You are not going to go to any other school. Definitely not a public school in this country. You will go back to ensure that your parents contribute to the rebuilding of the school that you have burnt.


“You must know that there is a consequence to it. We shall not handle you with Kid laws,” Magoha warned.


Education stakeholders on the other hand have  called for the return of corporal punishment in schools to help curb the rise of arson in schools.


Over the few weeks, more than 50 students have been arrested and interrogated in connection with the incidences of school fires.




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