Blow to teachers as KNUT secretary Collins releases the following statements

The Secretary General of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT), Collins Oyuu has vowed not to stop the transfer of teachers who are members of teacher pressure groups.


He instead gave them conditions to meet, before KNUT would stand by them. Oyu has asked the pressure group to follow the right channel in airing their grievances. “Those teachers should follow the right channel to broadcast their views, as a union and as SG of KNUT I am always ready to involve the employers on the issues of teachers. But I Can’t fight for those who are showing disrespect to employers everywhere in the media and on social media,” Oyuu said.





According to Oyuu teachers must first acknowledge that they are employees of Teachers Service Commission, TSC, and accept to be controlled by TSC before KNUT can assist them.


“If a teacher cannot be handled by the employer, how do I come in  on his or her behalf, TSC has always been transferring teachers.

If anyone feels that his/her transfer is punitive, they should contact KNU and we will take the Said matter with TSC, Oyuu highlighted.


“A year ago, we lost some 245 teachers through interventions because they failed to consider mentorship and instead proceeded to protest against competency-based-curriculum (CBC), some of them now regretting Mr. Oyuu said.


Oyuu also insists that he cannot support those who are opposing his leadership. He wants teachers to contact him for support before involving TSC on the matter.


He said that till Friday none of the transferred teachers reported him or sought help from the union.” That group is not registered and so they do not represent teachers, let all teachers come to us for help. I can’t speak for those who have not reached us,” he said.


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  1. Konditi john says

    I I support SG Collins we as we must respect our employer,because we signed that we shall serve in any part of Kenya where our services areneeded,and this effected by the Tsc.Wuod owila work.we can not have rogue teachers. A teacher should be a role model in the society.