Breaking news! Another high schools left without students after they decide to go home. Here the shocking message to their principal

Cases of Secondary school students unrest and riots in different schools here in Kenya have been reportedly increasing day by day across different counties. For the past few weeks learning progress among many Secondary schools here in Kenya have been paralyzed due to students riots and unrest.


Schools have been forced to suspend their learning activities after immense destruction encountered at their institutions which includes, dormitories burning, classrooms destructions among others.


According to the news report that has been shared online today by K24 news Kenya on their Facebook page, learning activities have been paralyzed today in one Secondary school namely Kahuguini boys secondary school based in Gatundu south after students reportedly protested hence released to go home.

Report indicates that the school principal allegedly found a student notice placed in notice board indicating the consequences if they are not going to be released to go home.


According to that notice message, those students were going to burn the entire institution if not allowed to go home.


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