Breaking news, Another national school on fire

Over the recent few days, the Ministry of Education has been hit hard by some schools being reduced into ashes.

This is after some students striking and others just storms out of school. we have just received bad news that Kaimosi secondary school is on fire.


According to the source, the fire broke out around 10.00pm in the night when students were coming from class after night private study. The cause of fire has not yet identified.

Kaimosi secondary school is found in the county of Vihiga. Students are stranded as they watch fire destroy their properties.


More than five school have been burnt since learning resumed after three days half term break.


The situation seems to be out of control but luckily, no student has been injured in the fire that have destroyed property belonging to the students and the school.


What is really happening with our children? Share your thoughts.

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