Breaking news! Another renown giant school closed indefinitely

For the past few weeks kenyans have been waking up to scary scenes and sad news of schools having been burnt by some rogue students.

According to the latest statistics, over 30 schools were burnt within the past few weeks.


This pushed the ministry of education to forcing a mid break a week ago to prevent more of these incidents.

However on another sad note, a St Mary’s School Yala in Siaya has been closed down indefinitely after a night fire razed down a dormitory that hosted over 400 students.

It is yet to be established what led to the night inferno with detectives currently at the school trying to piece down evidence.


These worrying trend has sent chills around the country as parents are forced to dig deep into their pockets to cater for damages.


The Ministry of education had previously warned of some serious consequences to all rogue students who will be found burning down schools.


What is really happening to our kids? What should the government do to curb these cases of fire in schools?? Comment and share

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