*Breaking news! Another school closed indefinitely*

Parents have been forced to withdraw their children from Gai Primary School following enduring wrangles between a parent and the school head teacher, forcing the school to close.




The school which is in Kyuso Sub-county in Kitui has failed to address the problem with the parent for a long time.




In what is yet to be understood by the other parents and the public – a parent whose name would not be mentioned due an ongoing case – has been making it hard for head teachers to stay in this school as the parent ensures that the school heads are transferred as soon as they get to the school.The said parent had sued the former head teacher, forcing him to be transferred another school, something that rendered the school to remain without a head teacher. When one was brought in recently, threats have emerged yet again from the same parent.




“This parent gives head teachers a hard time and they cannot get along with them. It is not like we have had problems with the head teachers but he alone has had numerous problems,” said Mutemi Kavindu, school board member.He further added the motive of the parent to want every head teacher transferred from the school is still a misery to them, saying that they have tried to use relevant authorities but no solution has been found.




Left with no option, parents withdrew their children from the school waiting for the problem is solved.Speaking to our media, Kyuso Sub-county Director of Education Stephen Mulandi confirmed the parents’ agitation, adding that together with his team; they are looking for a lasting solution so that learning can be normalized.School closed over long-standing disputes with stubborn parent



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