Breaking news, Another School in Bungoma on fire

St Luke Kimilili Boys High School is currently on fire. It is alleged that the main cause of the fire is due to electric default.



According to the video shared online, a raging fire is seen coming from a store building dormitory. On the same scene, students are seen running up and down with buckets of water trying to put out the fire.




Up to now, no casualties have been reported. However, properties worth thousands of shillings have been consumed by the fire. Fire extinguishers from the county government of Bungoma are alleged to be on the way to calm the situation.




Cases of fire incident in secondary boarding schools have always been rampant since the day government banned corporal punishment in schools.


Despite the issue of electric default, so many dormitories have been brought down to ashes by students themselves.



It is high time that ministry of education should take the fire incident more seriously in order to prevent such accidents in schools. Stay tuned for more details,,,,,,,



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