Breaking news! Another Secondary School Burnt Down to Ashes as KCSE 2021 is about to end

Last term secondary schools burned down in large numbers as students had planned that their cries must be heard by the government.


Over fifty secondary school burned down to ashes.The ministry of education stepped in to ease the situation by placing a midterm holiday break so as to a peace the students.


It’s a blessing that no school fire case has been reported during the KCSE exams period.

Sadly, Kotile Secondary School in Ijara Sub County, Garissa County which was newly built was razed down last night.


The main cause of this fire has not yet been identified but it’s argued that some arsonists started this fire.


It’s sad that this school had just been built with the intention of providing education to the children of Garisa.


Property worth millions was destroyed by this fire as the school buildings were reduced to ashes.


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