Breaking news, BuruBuru Girls High school dormitory on fire

A fire broke out at a dormitory at Buruburu Girls High School in Makadara Constituency, Nairobi County on Sunday evening, October 31.


Reports indicate that several students were feared to have been trapped in the dormitory. Further, videos circulating online showed nearby residents gazing frantically at the razed dormitory as some students were seen escaping through the window.


Nairobi police boss Augustine Nthumbi affirmed that police officers and firefighters were already deployed at the scene.


OCPD Embakasi Francis Ngugi affirmed that about 20 students had been hospitalized after the incident.


About 20 students who received injuries caused either by choking or minor burns have been taken to hospital. However, there were no grave injuries,” he noted.


Ngugi stated that it took about two hours for the police to put out the fire but assured parents that their children were safe- pointing out that only property was damaged in the evening fire.



“In regards to the cause of the fire, it is subject to investigation as it is yet to be identified,” he stated.



More to follow…

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