Breaking news, Drama in school as a student teaches a Teacher a lesson

The cases of teachers and students involving in love affairs has been many  in Kisumu county.


The students in several scenarios have been red handedly found making love with their teachers in school which  is a habit to be condemned boldly.


According to the post shared in Kisumu county Today morning , it was a scene full of drama when a girl student was involved in fight with her madam teacher.



The reports claim that the girl decided to teach the madam a lesson when she realised  the madam had taken her boyfriend.




The student accused the madam of frustrating her in class after the madam realized they were having a relationship with the chemistry teacher.



The student accused the madam of beating her every time with without a reason The student further  claimed that the madam thought she was  in love  with a chemistry teacher whom she also in die need.



The student however distanced herself to be in love with the chemistry teacher suggesting that she just loved him because of how he always teach them but nothing else.



The student further said that the madam kept on on harassing her on allegations of her being in love with the teacher which was not the case.



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