Breaking news, killer Masten Wanjala killed by Bungoma residents

Self confessed serial killer Masten Wanjala was on Friday, October 15, Killed by angry residents of Mukhweya, Bungoma County, two days after escaping from police custody.


Area Chief Bonface Ndiera confirmed that Wanjala was killed in his home village after he was identified by locals playing soccer.

Below is a video of angry residents on mob


Wanjala was to be arraigned at the Makadara Law Court on Wednesday, October 13, to answer to 13 counts of murder charges.

Wanjala confessed and agreed to having killed children in Nairobi and two neighbouring counties.

Bungoma residents had earlier expressed and raised  their fears after learning of his breakout  from prison. One of the locals noted that since Masten’s escape from police cell, everyone was on the lookout so as they will be assured of their security.



Parents even decided to accompany their kids to school to avoid  the same incidence that  earlier happened  to kids.


“We as residents of this village are pleading with the government to assist us because of this boy. If they fail to find him, our kids will be in great danger. Parents track all their movements. Where will we really move to and hide our kids?” a resident asked.


On the other hand, his father Robert Wanjala denied making contact with the escapee and called for the responsible officers to be held accountable.


“I’m surprised to learn of my son’s escape from jail. How did he escape? The police need to explain how he managed to do so. I have not seen him and I am not interested in seeing him,” he stated.



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