Breaking news, Molo academy high school closed indefinitely

Molo Academy is a well-performing public school located at Mililani in Molo sub-county, Nakuru. It is about 2 km from Nakuru- Eldoret road.



It is sponsored by the education board and has deep roots in the spiritual growth of its students. It was founded in January 1986, following a directive by the then president His Excellency Daniel Moi.


The school is a public, extra-county school. It is a center of excellence and is very popular among students in the nation for its exemplary academic performance over many past years.


The then-president, H.E. Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi during his tour of the School (Molo Primary) directed that the secondary school be started.


The school’s academic performance and leadership in the last five years has continued to attract many students nationally. This made it difficult to expand the facilities at the primary school due to lack of space.


The  school has been closed today due to the riots from students that occurred last night. According to the reports reaching newskalimedia desk, the learners had their own reasons that made them riot.


The reasons outlined by the students include, lack of enough food, lack of enough water, the issue of coldness in the region which they wanted the school administration to allow them to wear Marvins so as to protect them from such cold condition in the area.


This has left parent with a lot  worries, as this will really affect the learning of their kids. The  term was likely to end at the end of this  month to allow them again prepare for term two for the Academic year 2021.


Parents have urged the school administration to sometime listen to issues that learners raise as this could help in solving the matters in a peaceful manner.


Through this, the learning programme cannot be affected at all bearing in mind that the outbreak of Covid19 haf already distorted the Academic calendar.


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