Breaking news, two more high schools set dormitories on fire for the third time after mid term

For the past few weeks Kenyans have been waking up to scary and sad news of some evil students burning down schools.


According to the latest figures, more than 30 schools were burnt in the last few weeks.

This forced the education ministry to break for a week to prevent further incidents


Karima boys high school in nyeri south Sub-county is again on fire for the third time. .It is yet establish what happened in the night with the detectives present at the school, who were trying to collect the evidence.

Also in Nyamira County, bosiango secondary school has set their dormitory on fire this evening, the cause of the fire is yet to be determined.

These worrying trends have sent chills across the country as parents are forced to dig deep into their pockets to make up for the loss.


The education ministry had earlier warned all rogue students of dire consequences who would be found burning down schools.


What is really happening to our children? What should the government do to curb these cases of fire in schools?

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