Breaking news, University of Nairobi graduation to be postponed

University of Nairobi Student Asociation ,UNSA leaders have asked first-year students meant to report on Monday 20th September to give the admission process a wide berth.



The students have expressed their dissatisfaction with the recent move by the administration to increase both tuition accommodation fees.




Speaking during a press conference on Friday, University of Nairobi Students Association secretary general Nathan Kikwai said it was time to act since the administration has given them a deaf ear over their grievances.




“As UNSA spokesperson I want to tell all parents to stay at home or if they are coming they come and join the demonstration,” Kikwai said.



He further asked the administration to use the Sh58,000 paid by first-years for TWO academic years and not a semester.


UoN – UNSA Council of Governors chairman George Reagan requested President Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene in the squabbles facing the institution.




“We, therefore, call upon the President to make tuition free in public colleges and universities, increase HELB allocation and substantially reduce interest on student loans,” Reagan said.




With the 65th graduation in the institution of higher learning set to take place on Friday 24th , The students have planned to stage demonstrations daily, starting Monday until the administration listens to their grievances.



Students reporting for the September intake were slapped with increased accommodation fees.



Unlike the continuing students who previously paid about Sh2,700 per semester for accommodation, the first years in the institution will pay Sh18,690 per semester


The hostels were charged at Sh30, Sh28, and Sh26 per day for a whole semester.



The revised fees structure directs students to pay Sh175 daily for a single room and Sh144 for a room shared by two.



In July this year,UoN increased fees for master’s degrees from an average of Sh275,000 to Sh600,000 for a two-year program, an increase of 118 percent.



Tuition fees for commerce, economics, and law students four year programmes has also been increased by up to 70 per cent to about Sh1 million


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