Bring the Covid19 jabs to schools teachers across the country says

As the country  keeps  on thinking the best ways  to contain the spread of corona virus, most teachers are requesting the ministry of Health to send officials to schools to make the vaccination exercise easy and available to them.
Schools reopened for third term on 10th May 2021, information at the Newskali media desk from teachers, is that most of them have not received the Covid19 vaccine.
This is a worrying situation since teachers are highly susceptible to contacting the virus due their exposure and interaction with learners.
All teachers across the country have said that the accessibility of health centres with the covid vaccine is a big problem.
In some counties teachers are forced to travel for a long distance to receive the vaccine. 
In Nakuru county, Mr Peter Njeru a primary school teacher spoke to us and  said  that he is yet to receive the vaccine because he stays  very far from a health facility.
He also added creating time  has become a major problem to him to go and get vaccinated. 
He had  a request that  the ministry of Health try and take the COVID-19 jabs to schools across the country hence this will safe time and money  for the teachers. 
In the same county, another high school teacher, madam Agnes Nderitu said that there was a long list of teachers who wanted to receive the vaccine.
This made it difficult for her to be among the first person to get it since the vacciness that were available were limited in number.
She even said that she lost hope because  she had visited a certain health facility  more than three times to get the jab but all was in vain.
According to the information at desk, the number of vaccines in stock in all counties is  not enough  to get everyone vaccinated.
The ministry of Health through its health workers said that the exercise of availing vaccines to every schools in the country was to  happen if proper arrangements was done between health departments in every county and individual schools to take the jabs to schools once the stock  became available. 
The Teachers Service Commission  released data to the Ministry of health   by 10th May, 2021 indicating that a total 154,000teachers in the country  had been vaccinated when  learning  resumed.
Since the first case of Covid19 was reported last year March in the country, 37 teachers have died, 10 classroom teachers, 24 principals and 3 deputy principals. 
The ministry of Health with the aid of  kenyan government should make efforts and get enough Covid19 jabs  so that every teacher will get vaccinated without any problem.
This is the request from all teachers as they continue building the nation by helping out learners. 

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