Carry your own cross, you abandoned him when he needed you most, its time to pay back, LSK president warning to teachers

Today morning, social media has sparkled with many Kenyans telling teachers to endure their own burden for sacking former KNUT secretary general Wilson sossion.  When he needed them more nobody was there for him at all.


This happened after the teacher’s employer TSC announced refresher training course for five years for teachers who teaches learners in the new education system –CBC or they lose their teaching certificates and jobs.



Teacher service commission on Thursday rolled out the Teacher Professional Development Programme {TPD} which will be offered by some four selected training institutions. All citizens all over the country argued that these teachers abandoned sossion despite fighting for their rights whenever they needed him over the past two decades.



The law society of Kenya president, Nelson Havi presented a petition in court to challenge the CBC implementation, since he termed it as a system that is there to kill learners and not mold them into useful netizens. He also said that the system had been proofed to be more costly to parents in terms of resources it required.



On his twitter account Havi twitted the following “Teachers you left Wilson Sossion to be fought to the exhaustion by the state. KNUT withdrew all cases against the state when you replaced sossion with secretary general of your ‘preferred choice’. Please stop calling me to challenge the directive by TSC that you be trained afresh.”


Tony Gachoka also wrote on his twitter account the following statement “Wilson sossion gave all his heart, mind and soul to KNUT, he never went to bed with the government. Teachers are now regretting”

`This has left teachers with a lot of worries not knowing what to do do next.

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