Categories of teachers who will get Automatic promotion revealed – TSC confirms

The Director of Studies in the schools has been the most important person who can determine the potential prosperity of the schools in the educational journey.



Their programs can either bring success or failure in school, something that gives them more attendance for the promotion they need. So their appointments will now be confirmed by the employment body of teachers, specific reports from TSC suggest that the positions in schools have never been official, and hence the TSC in recognition of their hard work by apprieting them in a good way.



Addressing regional and county directors of education, TSC CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia recognized Dos work, and encouraged them to work harder to achieve more.



However, she highlighted that the issue of automatic promotion of DoS of schools to higher positions has been a debate between teachers’ unions and TSC for a long time.



According to Dr Macharia, a clear document is required for the inclusion of DOS in automatic promotion after appointment.



To the Finance Minister and the salaries and Remuneration Commission, SRC, who should budget funds for additional important roles of Dos.However, she said that their appointments would be made on the basis of certain factors with clearly attached verifiable evidence.



According to reports, school heads will have to send two names along with relevant documents to deputy county education directors, so that the selection process can take place, names to be submitted under transparency to ensure fairness in the decision making process.



The proposed person are required to keep a clear record of the results posted in the last three years in KCSE and KCPE with an average score of 3.5 (D+) and above. Any indication of plagiarism will automatically result in disqualification and potentially disqualification.



Further, the appointment will be made by the officers of the Commission through a rigorous review process, a process regulated in such a way that the Commission decides individually and will be done at the nearest sub-county TSC offices.



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