*Categories who will not enjoy holidays as from next month. Checkout the reasons behind*

The school calendar is scheduled to resume on 3rd January 2022 for the last term of academic calendar.


This is after a short vacation of Christmas and new year holidays. But as a good number of teachers enjoy a relaxing moment during the holidays, some aren’t feeling the moment.



These are delocalized tutors who were sent to work in stations far away from their respective homes.


With some as far as North Eastern, while their home county is Busia. Implying a two day travel time, just going home alone.


Given that schools closed on 23rd December, getting quickest means of transport was a challenge due to many people travelling to various places. Hence one needed a week to book the bus.



Now as the holidays end, the said educators will again need one week of transit in order to report to their work place of work on time.


Bearing in mind that December holiday is just two weeks, then it means these teachers spend the entire period on road.


Hence TSC should revisit the delocalization policy and let it be within a reasonable distance from home.


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