CBC likely to Disintegrate by 2023, Mudavadi pronounces a warning and the reason behind will leave you worried

Parents have complained of a corrupt scheme by school heads to force school leaders to buy school supplies from pre-selected suppliers and instruct them to pay money to schools so that schools get the same for children at twice the prices as they are be able to buy market value.



Leaders have also come out to condemn the move, calling it illegal that parents should be allowed to buy items from outlets that offer relatively cheaper prices without forcing them to purchase from a specific supplier.



ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi asked the government to prepare in advance for the expected double intake in schools in  the year 2023 and 2024.



The 2022 presidential candidate said that CBC is getting expensive as some Grade One items go up to Ksh.10,000 which is an hiked price that becomes a challenge to parents to afford.



Mudavadi said that the competency-based curriculum (CBC) that is currently being introduced  in this academic calendar that was  disrupted  by the outbreak Covid 19 has greatly affected the education system.



Following the anticipated double intake of learners in secondary schools in January 2023, the leader warned that the system could crash if proper planning was not done.



This has come as a surprise to most of parents leaving them with a lot of questions as how their kids will be.



The issue of names of some Form One students missing from the list of schools they were invited to attend and others being invited to the day-schools from where they lived was also highlighted by Mudavadi.


He further said that  that the Ministry of Education should come in handy to solve this  issue and provide  to clarification on the matter.



The Ministry of Education has instructed the school principlas to admit all the students who appeared in the 2020 KCPE exam, including those who cannot afford the full school fees.




Heads of schools that have not uploaded the registration details of their candidates to the Kenya National Council of Examinations (KNEC) registration portal are instructed to do so otherwise they will be liable for failure to register any candidate.




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