CBC Must Come to an end sossion finally speaks leaving Education CS Magoha in lots of trouble

Former KNUT secretary Hon. Wilson sossion has issued this statement about the  CBC, the education System will only be implemented in the most developed world not in Africa. This is an education system for the Rich parents not the poor African parents. The implementation of the curriculum will not assist any of the learners but rather waste them completely ,The implementation must be stopped immediately. 



He further highlighted that before the Education Ministry and KICD does the implementation, all parents and the necessary stakeholders should involved in discussing about the same and come into the right decision that will see ecery lea ner benefit from this kind of system.  Without this the system will definitely collapse and become useless to the country.




Due to this statement, The Ministry of Education, through the Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Education, George Magoha, has finally gave in to pressure from various stakeholders and has started reviewing the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).




On Saturday, Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) CEO Charles Ongondo announced to the public that all concerns raised by parents, teachers and the public at large would be addressed.





Further, he outlined the process saying that the first review process will target pre-primary up to grade 3 and is already progressing and is scheduled to be completed by January 2021.





“Our review cycle comes next year as we finish Grade 6 and by 2023-2024, we believe there are aspects of the curriculum that we would have reviewed, not improved, on,” Ongondo addressed the press in Naivasha .



The ministry’s response comes a day after Nelson Havi, president of the Law Society of Kenya, vowed to sue the Ministry of Education and CS over the CBC implementation.




According to Havi, the CBC model is wasting parents’ money, teachers’ time and is not important for the students so it should not be implemented at all.



Today,  the Standard news paper has highlighted many shortcomings  to the implementation of the CBC in Africa.


Many have complained of how expensive the system is demanding that we should stick to the former education system.




Parents complained of it being not only expensive but also cumbersome to them and the learners causing them to have sleepless nights.


Do you think that we should continue with CBC or stick with the old educational system?


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