CBC review must continue, CSRG directs the Ministry of education

The Civil Society Reference Group (CSRG) is demanding the education ministry to allow continuous review and meaningful public participation in the ongoing roll-out and implementation of competency-based curriculum (CBC), if the new system of education is to be followed. To achieve your noble objectives.





In a statement on Sunday, the group says there is no denying the fact that CBC provides a more meaningful learning process; To enable students to be fully involved in the learning process; Be an active participant in the learning processes; Get creative, and acquire life-long skills, instead of cramming.




“The CBC is optimally designed to promote high retention and transfer of knowledge, skills and experiences, which is lacking in rote learning that has been the basis of previous and 8.4.4 systems of education.





Various In addition to being prepared for the type of learners, encouraging comprehension and active learning techniques as opposed to just memorization, CBC focuses on the outcome of the learning process, as well as helping learners link new information to prior knowledge. Enables you to read the statement.





However he noted that as good as the CBC education system may be, its goals and objectives cannot be achieved if its implementation is carried out hastily without adequate planning and preparation of its core curriculum and supplementary learning materials.




“As such, the Ministry of Education and the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) should develop an effective stakeholder engagement strategy that continuously maps emerging areas of concern on the CBC, engaging various stakeholders at any stage of the roll-out and communicates such engagements to inform the public on the implementation of the CBC, and the actions taken and interventions undertaken with stakeholders,” the statement added.



In this way, he said, the hiccups being experienced, including the concerns raised by parents and other stakeholders on the implementation of CBC, can be corrected.



Having said that the national government bears the greatest responsibility on matters of policy and resource of education at all levels except the pre-primary level.




They also noted that in addition to the annual budgetary allocation to the Ministry of Education, the national government has other funds and mechanisms that can help address some of the early challenges in the implementation of the CBC.



“It would not be asking too much whether the ministry appeals to the 290 National Government Constituency Development Committees (NG-CDFs) to prioritize the creation and equipping of necessary workshops for the handicrafts that come with the CBC. As such, and in terms of collaboration between national and county governments, the public will not see this as far-fetched, as the national government asks county governments to equip kindergartens with some learning materials that will help learners at that level. may be required. Begin your orientation at CBC,” read part of the statement.





He called upon the Ministry of Education to seize every available opportunity to address all concerns arising out of the implementation of the new curriculum as they emerge to ensure and guarantee its success.




By doing so, the government and by extension the Ministry of Education will ensure that the new education system is democratically owned, enjoying the full support of all stakeholders for the benefit of the learners and the wider society.




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