CCTV Camera Captures High School Teacher Doing This With A Form one parent in Admission office, what was captured will really suprise you

A teacher from one secondary school in Kisii county was captured on the CCTV footage seducing a parent who had come to admit her son in form one on Friday.




The teacher who is said to have joined the school a week ago on a transfer seemingly had not realized that there were secret cameras installed in the institution to monitor the behaviour of teachers and the student.



He was put to be in charge of admissions by the principal alongside a colleague who was not in school on Thursday.


Inside reports also revealed that the said teacher took too long in the admission office with the parent after the student has been taken to class by the form one class teacher.




The suspicious made a group of teachers to secretly move to the principal’s office and asked him to check the screens.



They were shocked at what they observed. The teacher was seen sitting with the parent in a compromising position and distance.



Reliable sources have also revealed to the writter that the two seemingly had known each other during their childhood and were talking like people who had shared a past.




The teacher was quickly summoned to the principal’s office to answer a few questions as the security officers were instructed to see the parent out of the school compound.



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