*Change of plan, MoE Releases New Closing Dates For All Schools For End of Term 2, 2021*

Education can be defined as the total process of developing human abilities and behaviour hence it is important that every Kenyan child


has access to education in which the government has buttressed making it more affordable as years continue to advance.




Though the education sector was affected due to the outbreak of Covid-19 disease in the country last year forcing all learning institutions to be closed for ten

months, a new school calendar that was made at the onset of this year is currently guiding all academic activities and the normal school calendar is set to be achieved on 2023.

The primary and secondary schools resumed second term activities last week on 24th


Tuesday and according to the new school calendar, the schools will terminate term two academic syllabus on 24th December and then break for a short Christmas holliday until 2nd January 2022.


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