*Changes in Teachers January leave allowance shocks many teachers as they are left worrying the next step. Checkout the new changes*

Teachers employed with Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will have a fat payslip end of this month.




The fat payslips will be as a result of annual leave allowance which teachers get paid each January at a rate based on their job groups.




Teachers are entitled to a number of leaves including a thirty days annual leave which can be applied during school holidays.




A teacher in the employment of the Commission is entitled to a maximum of thirty days annual leave with full pay in respect of each calendar year worked irrespective of the terms and conditions of service.Further annual leave shall only-




• (a) be taken during school holidays; and




• (b) not be accumulated to be carried forward from year to year.




• 110. An application for annual leave shall be made-




• (a) during school holidays; and(b) in the manner set out in Form N under the Twenty Seventh Schedule ;




Early last month the Commission moved leave application process for teachers to an online module.




According to the Commission, this is part of its strategic plan 2019 to 2023 aimed at improving service delivery to employees and stakeholders.




“To achieve this goal, the Commission has successfully automated the leave application and approval process and migrated the same to an online system.


To this end, there will be no manual application for all types of leaves effective 1st December 2021,” said Nancy Macharia in December.All teachers on TSC payroll, including interns are required henceforth to apply for leave using the online platform.




Teachers who have trouble applying for the leaves were asked to consult services of the Commissions ICT field officers in their counties.




For now the following nine type of leaves have been put online and teachers can apply easily anywhere;Sick Leave




2. Annual Leave




3. Compassionate Leave




4. Paternity Leave




5. Maternity Leave




6. Study Leave




7. Special Leave




8. Adoption Leave




9. Spouse of Diplomat LeaveIn the last signed Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between TSC and teachers unions KnutKuppet and Kusnet the following changes were made on teacher leaves.Changes on teacher leaves in CBA 2021 – 2025




Application for different categories of leave shall be considered and approved strictly in accordance with Part X of the CORT. However, the Commission shall grant:




i) Maternity Leave of One hundred and twenty (120) Calendar days with full pay with effect from date of delivery.ii) Pre adoptive Leave of Forty-five (45) Calendar days with full pay with effect from the date of adoption.




iii) Paternity Leave of Twenty-one (21) Calendar days with full pay once a year.




However Knut secretary general, Collins Oyuu, has called for review of the CBA to include money component for teachers.




Knut wants the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) revisited and money component included within three months.




Oyuu said Knut has already initiated discussions with the employer Teachers Service Commission (TSC) over the possibilities of renegotiating 2021-2025 CBA.“..to have a salary hike component included. We have and continue to push for this because we appreciate the fact that the reasons we did not have a salary rise in this particular CBA was that the economy was performing poorly due to the effects of the Covid-19,” said Oyuu.



“Treasury has already appropriated funds to boost the TSC kitty for the same purpose. We are determined to have ourselves, the employer and any other necessary stakeholder to expedite the discussion,” said Oyuu.

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